The Battle Point system is a feature in Homefront multiplayer. When the player does something that helps their team, they earn Battle Points (BP), which can be used to buy airstrikes, drones, weapons, or even vehicles to spawn. Battle Points are awarded for get kills, headshots, capture/defend capture points, avenging the death of a teammate, blowing up vehicles, and marking enemies with Recon Drones. Battle points are gained during matches, however you start with 500 at the beginning of the new match, regardless of how many you had before. Battle points will be saved if your Console/PC freezes, gets restarted, and the player rejoins the previous match game.

List of Battle Point pricesEdit

Items Battle Points
MQ50 MG Wolverine (Ground Assault Drone) 500
AQ-11 Buzzard (Air Assault Drone) 800
RQ-10 Parrot (Air Recon Drone) 250
MQ60 AT Rhino (Ground Anti-Tank Drone) 400
Hellfire 1300
Cluster Bomb 1600
White Phosphorus 1600
RPG Launcher 250
Proximity Launcher 250
Flak Jacket 300
Personal UAV Sweep 400
Ammo Resupply 200
Thermal Goggles 250
M1151 Humvee (Assault Transport) 400
LAV-25 (IFV) 1400
T-99 Battle Tank 2000
M1A3 Abrams 2000
AH-700 Scout 2000
Z-10 Chimera 2800
AH-64 Apache 2800