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"Battle Commander makes large scale warfare personal and rewards players for having vendettas."
— Senior designer; Brian Holinka told us.
"It's Homefront's take on the killstreak: perks that empower players that rake in consecutive kills. But there's an important twist: with each "perk" that you receive, you become an increasingly vulnerable target, with the AI assigning personal assassination missions to the opposing team in order to bring you down."
Joystiq opinion on Battle Commander.

Battle Commander is a game mode featured in Homefront.


Battle Commander is a game mode where an AI controlled announcer known as "Battle Commander" marks enemy players who are doing more damage than others which are known in game as a "Priority Threat". The more kills you get, the more your threat level increases. The higher you threat level is, the more enemies will be assigned to kill you. When you reach a new threat level, not only will you get replenished of your resources, the other team will see a bigger and bigger circle forming on your general location. It is related to Grand Theft Auto which sends more lawful forces after you as the stars increase. Players who are marked as a Priority Threat are worth more BP than killing a standard player. With the selected players as bounty hunters.


  • The Battle Commander itself is an AI that assigns certain star-based threat levels to all players in a BC match.
  • At the third killstreak, you get an easy to see golden name above you.
  • The more kills you get, the more enemies are alerted of your position via radar until soon every enemy has your position.
  • You receive a permanent red diamond.
  • When you die it all resets and the killer recieves a fatter wage than the others who didn't.
  • You get bonuses if you have a lot of skulls but the enemy team will see you as a threat.
  • If you're in a drone or vehicle, you get bonuses catered to that vehicle/drone.
  • If your drone/vehicle dies your skulls go away.
  • When your threat level increases anything you are currently controlling get replinished. Your ammo and health are refilled if you are on foot, and your drone's battery is replenished if you are in a drone.
  • At 5 stars, the whole team is tasked to locate you.
  • An enemy priority threat's details are located on the bottom right of the HUD. it includes the threat level, the name and if its a drone, an infantryman or a chap sitting in a vehicle and of course the bounty reward.


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  • 3-Star Threat - Become a 3-Star threat in a Battle Commander Ranked/Public match. 30/Silver
  • 5-Star Threat - Become a 5-Star threat in a Battle Commander Ranked/Public match. 75/Gold