"Its over! Face it, the Koreans won. Its over!"
— Arnie
Arnie betraying the Resistance.
Status Deceased
Birth 1990
Death 2027 (aged 37)
Nationality American
Appears in Homefront
Voice by Scott Sowers

Arnie was one of the many imprisoned residents of the Montrose labor camps. He was once a friend of Boone and has a teenage daughter.[1]


The Resistance used him to find the tracker beacons to attach to the jet fuel tankers, assuring him that they could get him and his family out of the camp.

He led Connor Morgan, Hopper Lee, and Robert Jacobs to a seemingly unprotected Administrative Building, meeting no guards, simply walking through the turnstyles unopposed. Connor was skeptical of this, but Arnie assured him it was fine. As soon as Jacobs crosses the last turnstile, Arnie pulls a pistol on Jacobs and several KPA soldiers trap Connor and Hopper. Arnie stated that the war is over, the Koreans have won, noting that the Koreans offered him a better deal than the Resistance. Connor, in response to his betrayal, sarcastically emphasizes that it is over but for Arnie, and points the gun of the KPA soldier behind him at Arnie, while the soldier opens fire, killing Arnie.

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