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Airburst Launcher
Games found Homefront
Kills required 150

The Airburst Launcher is a multiplayer-only weapon mounted 40mm grenade launcher in Homefront. The launcher includes a laser rangefinder used to set the distance of the airburst. Unlike the other launchers, the Airburst launcher is used by holding down the fire button to set the desired distance, then releasing the button. The grenade then fires out of the launcher, then explodes at the designated range, creating a devastating airburst effect.


The Airburst Launcher is not found in singleplayer.


It is unlocked after killing 150 enemies with an assault rifle of the player's choice. Players with the Airburst Launcher equipped start each round with two airburst grenades. When firing the launcher, the range is set by looking at a target and holding the fire key. The launcher then sets the range for the airburst to explode at. If the grenade is fired at the target, it explodes at it. If the aim is moved from the original target, the airburst explodes at the already-set range.

It takes the launcher a moment to set the range, so for room clearing or close-range encounters, a Grenade Launcher may be preferable. This weapon is good against snipers, as the airburst round can be aimed to explode inside a sniper's nest.