Abilities are modifiers in the multiplayer aspect of Homefront. They grant players special bonuses, such as increasing the players drones health and longer Drone battery.

Ability valuesEdit

Drone Be Gone! (1 Point)Edit

Faster drone speed.

Tactical Reload (1 Point)Edit

Faster reloading.

Quickdraw (1 Point)Edit

Quicker aiming speed.

Thick Skin (2 Points)Edit

Increased drone health.

Now That's a Knife (2 Points)Edit

Increased melee range with quicker knife recovery.

Straight From The Hip (3 Points)Edit

Reduced weapon deviation when shooting from the hip.

Fist Full (3 Points)Edit

Extra grenades.

Penny Pincher (2 Point)Edit

Equipped special weapons cost less.

My Buddy (1 Point)Edit

Longer drone duration.

Grizzled (3 Points)Edit

Increase experience gains.

Grave Robber (2 Points)Edit

Pickup ammo dropped by dead soldiers.

Ghost (1 Point)Edit

Hidden by UAV sweeps.

Steady Aim (2 Points)Edit

Less recoil when aiming down sight.

Boomer (3 Points)Edit

Increased explosive damage.

Crater-to-Order (1 Point)Edit

Large drone explosion on death.

Utility Belt (2 Points)Edit

Extra special grenades.

Blastwave (2 Points)Edit

Increased blast radius from explosives.

Quick Healer (2 Points)Edit

Faster health regeneration.

Situational Awarness (1 Point)Edit

Enemy gamertag appears when shot.

EMP Tactician (2 Points)Edit

Allows the player to do more damage to EMP'd vehicles.

Short Fuse (1 Point)Edit

Reduces the cook time on grenades.

Ice Cold (3 Points)Edit

Invisible on thermal views and airstrike sensors.

Vehicle abilitiesEdit

Full Tank (1 Point)Edit

Longer vehicle sprint times.

Gyro (1 Point)Edit

Faster turret speed.

Speed Boost (1 Point)Edit

Faster top speed.

Faster Reload (2 Points)Edit

Faster reload and cooldown for vehicle weapons.

Coated (2 Points)Edit

Shorter EMP durations.

Missile Defense (2 Points)Edit

Faster cooldown for missile defense.

Big Stick (3 Points)Edit

Increased vehicle damage.

Ejection Seat (3 Points)Edit

Auto-Eject on vehicle destruction. (If the vehicle is destroyed, the player will be ejected out with no damage done to themselves)

Monkey Wrench (3 Points)Edit

Slow vehicle repair. (If not under fire, the vehicle will repair the damage done on its self slowly)

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