Favicon homefront
AQ-11 Buzzard
Vehicle type Aerial Assault Drone
Games found Homefront
Maps found All
Faction Korean People's Army, United States Armed Forces
Crew None
Miniature Machine Gun
Location(s) Small Sponson under the Nose
Ammo quantity Infinite
Air to Surface Missile Racks
Location(s) Missile Pods just above each landing skid
Ammo quantity Infinite
Level unlocked 28
Duration Until Death of Drone, Death of Controller, or Complete Battery Depletion
Flares None

The AQ-11 Buzzard is a weapon featured in Homefront.

Homefront Gameplay Camping is too easy Parrot Buzzard Drone 11-1

Homefront Gameplay Camping is too easy Parrot Buzzard Drone 11-1

Gameplay Demonstration. Skip to 2:39


A battery-operated, remote-controled assault helicopter drone. Armed with two unguided rocket pods. It is vulnerable to EMP, small arms fire and anti-air rockets.


The AQ-11 Buzzard is an unmanned attack drone that is usable in multiplayer. It is capable of bombing the enemy with small, unguided missiles, and can be challenging to use. Unlike the RQ-10 Parrot, the drone cannot mark enemies, however it easily makes up for this by actually being armed. It is limited by a battery system, so moving and firing its weapon will drain energy until it is no longer usable. It is unlocked at level 28 and is available for 800 Battle Points.



  • The AQ-11 Buzzard may be a scaled down version of the MQ-8 Fire Scout currently in service with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.[1]