718 Division
A soldier from the 718 Division holds a burning American Flag
Leader(s) Kim Jong-un (National Leader)
Appears in Homefront
Country Greater Korean Republic
Type Korean Combat Division
Active 2027

The 718 Division is a KPA Special Forces Unit.[1] Their symbol is a golden East-Asian style dragon.


Their operations before 2026 are unknown; however, during the game, they were assigned to guard duty in some areas, including Montrose, Colorado, and were known to be extremely violent toward prisoners, with one detainee warning they would "just as soon kill you as look at you." This special sub-division of the KPA soldiers was ordered to carry out Operation FanFire, a part of Operation Water Snake: every three to six months, they were to set fire to grasses and forests along the Mississippi River to reintroduce the radioactive isotopes into the air. In 2027 they found a safe house of the Gunnison cell of the American Resistance and completely destroyed it.[2] A large number of them fought in the Battle of San Francisco, defending the Golden Gate Bridge, but they were killed by the U.S. Army's 40th Infantry Division, and the 185th Armor Regiment who were retaking the bridge.


The 718s first appear in Why We Fight, where they can be seen alongside Korean MPs and KPA Regulars during the mass arrests.

They are briefly seen when the Montrose Resistance Cell breaks free from the wall, shooting ineffectively at the player's Humvee.

The 718's most prominent appearance is during Golden Gate, where they fight alongside the KPA Regulars, trying to defend against U.S. military forces.


  • The 718 are a reference to the 718 area code of Brooklyn, where many of the developers from Kaos Studios live.
  • The 718 was likely born from the Korean People's Army Special Operation Force. The existence of the SOF was first discovered by outside nations in 1968. They have skirted the boundaries of South Korea since the Korean War. They have been suspected of mounting reconnaissance against strategic targets in South Korea as well as plotting assassinations. The SOF is divided into four brigades: Airborne, Reconnaissance, Light Infantry, and Maritime.
  • Despite being an elite unit that would be prioritized for the front-line, 718s were stationed in Montrose and San Francisco. It is possible they were given the task of garrison duty due to the importance of both cities (San Francisco was the capital of the NKFOA and Montrose was near important oil shale mines) and the fact it would be extremely difficult for military units to cross the Mississippi River due to it being irradiated by Operation Water Snake. One simpler explanation is that the 718, as most of the world special forces, also have counter-terrorism as part of their duties and that's why they were deployed against the resistance in Montrose and San Francisco.



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