185th Armor Regiment
Leader(s) Colonel Ackerman
Appears in Homefront
Country United States of America
Type Armor
Motto Fulmen Jacio (I Hurl The Thunderbolt)

The 185th Armor Regiment is an armor regiment of the United States Army. A component unit of the California Army National Guard's 40th Infantry Division, the 185th serves as one of the designated heavy armored units of the 40th Infantry. Formed in 1885 as the 7th Infantry serving in the Spanish-American War and World War I. Re-designated the 185th Armor 1929, it has seen service in every war since World War II.


Two years into the Korean-American War, the 185th was one of the surviving combat units in the West Coast. The 185th participated in the Battle of San Francisco and were the main ground force that took the Golden Gate Bridge along with receiving aid from the Resistance in taking the northern end of the bridge. They took heavy casualties from KPA forces while advancing on. Despite those heavy losses, they were successful in taking KPA ground-based air defenses, defending them from KPA reinforcements, and opening the road to the rest of the 40th Infantry Division. They were later seen advancing along the Golden Gate Bridge after an airstrike called in by Connor Morgan destroyed a KPA armor column.[1]


During the Battle of San Francisco, the 185th was first to send in a convoy across the Golden Gate Bridge. Their convoy was made up of an M1A3 Abrams tank; destroyed by a KPA RPG man, two LAV-25s, and two M1151 Humvees. Two additional Humvees were posted at the gate entrance to the Bridge. The convoy was later joined by the rest of the 185th's armored vehicles as well as the 40th Infantry ground troops. The vehicles secured the Bridge and moved on to San Francisco.



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