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• 12/17/2017

Improvements to the Wiki

Since I had been editing on the wiki about two months ago, I think that the design of the wiki needs to be changed to make it look more up-to-date, since the Revolution came out two years ago. I only played the first game, so I will get the Revolution soon in about a week.

First thing is that the templates need to be more "unique" in terms of style. Other than that, the Homefront Wiki logo needs to be replaced to look like more like the Homefront: The Revolution logo.

Another thing is that the pages need to be separated from each other and be put in different categories that should be Homefront: The Revolution based or the original Homefront.

The final thing that came to mind is the wiki theme. I believe the theme for this wiki should be based off the colors of Homefront: The Revolution and the main page needs to be changed to have more

So that is it for my thoughts about changing on the wiki.
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• 11/25/2017

Question about homefront series

When I see homefront the revolution poster I see American Resistance member he is cameo character in poster and never seen in campaign 
BUT his hair is remseblance to Robert Jacobs!

1.Oberseve between man and Jacobs his hair is resemblance to Jacobs That's meaning man and Jacobs is SAME person?
2.what if Jacobs is in homefront the revolution what happen to him he will be playable character in the future?
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• 11/5/2017

Did the Korean-Japanese war happen in Homefront: The Revolution ?

I am really tangled up about Revolution's timeline, did the Korean-Japanese war still happen ?
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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/27/2016

Homefront Revolution: Reboot or Sequel?

Apparently the game uses a different timeline and some of the characters have different stories. If it is a reboot, I am really dissapointed because the originial homefront had an amazing story and background. While the new game's story was really pathetic.
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• 11/30/2015

Ending of the game

The game last mission must like Mockingjay part 2 (Prontagonist and rebels attack Pyongyang) and assassinating Kim.
I'm from Indonesia that mentioned my country is GKR occupied territory.
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• 12/21/2014

Homefront Revolution Red Dawm

Has anyone noticed how similar this game is to red dawn i just watched the movie and wanted a game  similar to it
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• 7/30/2014

Fate of the Spratly Islands

From Wikipedia:
The Spratly Islands dispute is a territorial dispute over the ownership of the Spratly Islands, a group of islands located in the South China Sea, and associated "maritime features" in the area, (e.g. reefs, banks, cays, etc.)[1] States making claims to various parts of the area include: Brunei, China (People's Republic of China), Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan (Republic of China), and Vietnam. All except Brunei occupy some of the maritime features.
What would happen to the islands occupied by the countries that have been occupied/allied with the GKR? Did the countries relinquish their claim and let the GKR occupy it? If that did happen, how does it affect China and Taiwan?
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• 7/13/2014

Will the European Union be a playable faction?

I hope they will be featured in the game
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• 7/3/2014

Has the KPA travel to the Future?

I mean, look at their uniforms and the weapons they are using. They look like they came out of Halo or something when it has only been two years (in the game timline) since the end of the first homefront game. How could they change all of their previous equipment so fast and use what seems like 20 years more advance gear.
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• 6/21/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

will home front the revolution come in on Xbox 360?
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• 6/21/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

the game of homefront the revolution
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• 6/18/2014

the game

will the game come on Xbox 360?
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• 6/18/2014

How much of America is occupied

I'm gathering that all of America is occupied considering that the website says America is on its knees
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• 6/3/2014

What is that floating aircraft thing?

Does this mean that EU did not intervene?  And why does the KPA have futuristic technology?
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• 3/20/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

Is homefront 2 about  liberating hawaii
Is this the story yes or no
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• 3/11/2014

"Homefront" game acts like W key stuck, but isn't.

I'm on a PC, Windows 7 x64 with current updates. High-end PC, no hardware or software issues. PC optimized for games, No issues in any other games, never had any like this one.   In "Homefront", I was about halfway through before I had to spend considerable time in hospital. Now that I'm home, and feel like returning to the game, I'm steadily moving forward. That is, without trying, uncommanded. It was working fine when I left it, but now when the game begins it has me moving forward, as it does when I would press the W key. The other movement keys work OK, but when I release them, I'm again moving forward. This of course makes it impossible to play the game. So, I changed keyboards. No change. I tried resetting the options to default. Same thing. Hmm... Then I spent most of yesterday evening trying to find a solution online, and it appears that I'm the only deflicted fool with this problem. Ever. So, while I wouldn't wish this problem on anybody, I have to hope that someone else HAS had this problem, but has successfully defeated it, and visits here. Maybe that'd be you? ;)
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• 3/8/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

is they a story for homefront2
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• 1/5/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

will homefront 2 come out in 2014
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• 12/27/2013

This wiki page is a ghost town

It doesn't have to be a ghost town, but it is what it is currently.
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